The Most Amazing Dinner Show You Will Ever Find In Malta!


Since 2011, Brian & Lola have been amazing audiences from all over the world with their phenomenal performances during their show at the Chamber of Mysteries. We promise you a night of entertaining fun and guaranteed amazement. A night you cannot miss if you are visiting Malta in an exclusive venue with limited spaces available!


During the show, the hosts, Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer, will take audiences on a journey into a surreal dimension, performing mystifying acts bound to leave audiences of any age in wonder. Levitation,  amusing floating objects, mind boggling predictions topped with mind-reading acts that will WOW you. These are only the tip of the iceberg. The show is aimed for an adult audience, however it is suitable for children as well. One could easily describe some of the things you will witness, as ‘things of a paranormal nature’. Who knows, perhaps they are? In short, the show does what it is set out to do and that is to MYSTIFY you!

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence

Secretly set in an intimate theatre, especially designed for the show and with limited seating, in the central village of Qormi, the show is is jam packed with audience participation and spiced up with a pinch of humour. Most parts of the show is produced as a visual presentation accompanied by great music, therefore language is not much of a barrier but even so our experienced magician, can speak four languages well. Brian & Lola’s amazing presentation is expertly executed, ensuring a fantastic night out for all, an experience you will never forget.


Shows are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday nights throughout most of the year. During peak periods, additional shows are scheduled also on Friday nights. Those coming to the show on a Wednesday Night are in for a great treat as they have the opportunity to experience two nights out in one; a typical Maltese Night with an extended traditional cooked Maltese buffet meal and live entertainment during the meal, usually consisting of a duo musician and/or folk dancers, real ‘Malta Festa’ decorations and banners and of course the Chamber Of Mysteries show in the secret theatre!


Those coming on a Monday (or Friday nights) will also benefit from an inviting service and the menu consists of a three course menu with main course served as a buffet in pots on your table. Truly Maltese! Please check the menus to see the difference between menus offered on Monday and Wednesday nights.

No matter which night you choose to visit, the highlight of the evening is the actual show itself, which is held after dinner in the secret magical chamber. Seats in the theatre are exclusively limited so make sure to book your seats now, online, for a night to remember.
Please note that special Non Toxic Smoke (does not affect people who suffer from asthma or other similar conditions) and light effects (expertly set to not affect people suffering from Epilepsy) are utilised during the entire show.