Soups & Nibbles

Soppa tal-Haxix – (500ml) €4.50
Vegetable soup (V / Vegan)

Kawlata – (500ml) €5.50
Vegetable soup with pork & Maltese sausage

Stuffat tal-Bebbux – (500g snails) €7.50
Snails cooked in tomato sauce

Qarnit – (500g cooked octopus – ideal for two persons)  €13.00
Octopus in garlic, tomatoes, capers & white wine

Stuffat tal-Qarnit (500g cooked octopus – ideal for two persons) €15.00
Octopus stew with potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, basil & mint.

Torti – Pies

Round 22cm Diameter by – 4.5cm height – Ideal for 4 persons

Torta tal-Laham (800g beef chunks) €17.00
Pie with beef chunks, potatoes, carrots & peas.

Torta ta Irkotta (900g irkotta) €12.00
Pie with ricotta cheese, eggs, peas & parsley & parmesan cheese.

Torta ta Tonn (500g tonn) €13.00
Pie with local tuna, spinach, anchovies, capers & potatoes

Torta ta Tigieg (700g tigieg) €13.00
Pie with chicken breast & mushrooms


Pasta and Grains

One Portion

Ghagin biz-zalza ta tonn (150g tuna) €7.00
Penne with local tuna & caper tomato sauce

Ghagin bil-fwied tal-fenek (150g rabbit liver) €7.00
Penne tossed in pan seared rabbit liver & red wine jus

Ghagin bit-tigieg (150g chicken breast) €7.00
Penne with grilled chicken breast, mushrooms & cream

Ravjul ta Irkotta (homemade ravioli) (V) €7.50
Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and tossed in a basil and tomato salsa

Ghagin bis-salamun €10.00
Penne with fresh salmon, shrimps, garlic, chopped tomatoes, flamed with Vodka & finished with fresh cream & parmesan cheese


Tray 29cm by 24cm – Ideal for Four Portions

Ross il-forn €15.00
Baked rice with ragu sauce, grated cheese, eggs, bacon & tomato sauce

Mqarrun il-forn €17.00
Baked rigatoni with ragu sauce, grated cheese, eggs, bacon & tomato sauce

Kannelloni mimlija bl-irkotta u spinaci €20.00
Cannelloni with ricotta & spinach, tomato sauce & white cream

Lasagna Bolognaise €20.00
Layers of pasta with bolognaise & white sauce

Lasagna tal-Fenek €22.00
Layers of pasta with boneless rabbit sauce & white sauce

Laham, Tjur u Hut – Meat, Poultry & Fish

Fenek shieh Moqli jew Stuffat – Serves 3 persons €27.00
Whole rabbit cooked traditionally in garlic, marrowfat peas & white wine

Whole rabbit stew cooked slowly with potatoes, carrots, peas & tomato sauce

Fenek Moqli jew Stuffat – Serves 1 person €12.00
Portion rabbit cooked traditionally in garlic or stew as above and accompanied with rabbit liver

Pulpetti ta Angus (200g burger) €10.00
A grilled Angus burger in a Maltese round ftira with cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon,caramelized onion & beef tomato chutney, accompanied with fries

Stuffat ta Canga (250g beef per portion) €9.00
Beef stew with potatoes, carrots, & tomato sauce

Qarabaghli Mimli (V) €6.50
Stuffed marrows with stir fried rice & chopped vegetables

Sidra ta Tigieg €12.00
Chicken breast flamed with brandy, mushrooms & finished with fresh cream

Stuffat tal-Laham taz-Ziemel €13.00
Horse meat stew

Roast Gammon (400g) €13.00
Honey glazed roast gammon accompanied with grilled pineapple

Xikel tal-Haruf (400g) €15.00
Hind lamb shanks braised in a rosemary jus, finished with carrots & peas

Salamun il-forn (350g) €15.00
Baked fresh Norwegian salmon

Roast Beef (350g) €17.00
Roast beef in thyme & red wine jus served with Yorkshire Pudding

                                                                                   One Portion        Four Portions

Koxox tat-Tigieg (300g chicken per portion)      €7.00                     €24.00
Braised boneless chicken legs with tomato sauce, bell peppers & mushrooms

Majjal il-Forn (300g pork per portion)                 €7.00                     €24.00
Roasted local leg of pork with gravy.

Bragioli (2 large beef olives per portion)           €10.00                   €36.00
Beef olives stuffed with minced beef, minced pork, peppered goat cheese, parsley, peas, boiled eggs & tomato sauce

Grilled Tuna Steaks (350g tuna per portion)      €12.00                  €44.00
Marinated local tuna steaks accompanied by a tomato & caper sauce

Stuffed Turkey Breast (350g per portion)                €13.00                   €48.00
Stuffed turkey breast with cranberry & dried fruit stuffing

Boneless Lamb Shoulder (350g per portion)          €14.00                   €52.00
Boneless lamb shoulder in a thyme jus

All Main courses are served with baked potatoes or steak house Fries & vegetables.


Kid’s Menu        

Chicken nuggets with French fries €5.00

Pizza – Tomato sauce, mozzarella & cocktail sausages €5.00


Maltese Traditional Pizza

Tan-Nannu         €7.00
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions, pork, goat cheese, potatoes & drizzled with honey

Tar-Razzett         €6.75
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bean pate, peppered goat cheese, potatoes and Maltese sausage

Il-Midrah – (A spade used to sieve the hay) (V)    €5.50
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and oregano

Il-Qolla- (Wicker basket) (V / Vegan)   €6.50
Tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions & fresh chopped tomatoes

Ix-Xehda – (Bee Hive)   €7.00
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken snippets, onions, blue cheese, honey & sesame seeds.

Is-Sinjura     €6.75
Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Ham, mushrooms, eggs, olives & Artichokes

Tal-Fenek            €9.00
Tomato sauce, mozzarella & boneless rabbit pieces

Extra Toppings  €1.00


Dessert & Gateaux

6 pieces mini Date tarts €3.00

Kannoli ta Irkotta (4 mini kannoli)  €3.00
Four mini stuffed kannoli with sweet rikotta & candid peel

Slice of cake    €3.00
Choice of Cassatella Siciliana, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake & Maltese Trifle

4 pieces mini Date tarts & 4 mini kannoli    €5.00
Four mini date tarts & four mini stuffed kannoli with sweet rikotta & candid peel

Xmas Selection 

Slice of Xmas cake, slice of Xmas log & mince pie  €5.00

Pudina tal-Hobz – Square tray 29cm by 18cm  €7.00
Homemade bread pudding with Maltese bread, cocoa powder, candid peel
Glazed cherries, sultanas, condensed milk, cinnamon, brown sugar & anisette.

Round 11inch gateaux (12 large portions)  €27.00

Choice of Cassatella Siciliana, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake & Maltese Trifle


1.5 litre Soft Drink €2.00
Pepsi, diet pepsi, 7up, diet 7up, kinnie & diet kinnie

The Maltese Knight Wine 75cl €5.00
White, red or rose (wine exclusive to restaurant)

The Maltese Falcon Wine 75cl  €5.25
Chardonnay, merlot or rose (wine exclusive to restaurant)

Razzett Antik Exclusive Syrah Red Wine 75cl  €6.50
Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gellewza Shiraz & Shiraz Rose

Razzett Antik Exclusive Chardonnay White Wine 75cl  €7.50

Terms and Conditions

A complimentary 1.5 litre soft drink with any order of € 25.00 and over.

A complimentary 1.5 litre soft drink and a bottle of local classic wine The Maltese Knight with any order of € 50.00 and over

Free deliveries for orders of € 20.00 and over for the following areas. Hal Qormi, Sta Venera, Mriehel, Swatar, B’Kara, Iklin, Naxxar, Mosta, Attard, Hal Lija, Hal Balzan, Marsa, Hamrun, Msida, Gzira, Sliema, Swieqi, Pembroke & St. Julian’s. All other areas a delivery charge of € 3.00 will apply. Deliveries to Mellieha, Marsascala & Marsaxlokk €7.00 delivery charge.

A delivery charge of € 3.00 per delivery for orders of less than €20.00 for all areas.

Take Away to be collected by clients – 15% discount on all marked prices.


We will be offering take away and deliveries on the following days

11th & 12th December – evening

13th December – Lunch

18th & 19th December – evening

20th December – Lunch

24th December – Evening

25th December – Lunch

26th December – Evening

27th December – Lunch

31st December – Evening

01st January – Lunch

02nd January – Evening

03rd January – Lunch

Should you be interested in take away and delivery on any other days and times kindly contact Razzett L-Antik restaurant on 21470221 or 99570221