Soups & Nibbles

Soppa tal-Haxix – (500ml) €6.00
Vegetable soup (V / Vegan)

Kawlata – (500ml) €7.00
Vegetable soup with pork & Maltese sausage

Stuffat tal-Bebbux – (500g snails) €9.00
Snails cooked in tomato sauce

Fwied tal-Fenek €9.00
Rabbit liver pan fried in garlic & white wine

Qarnit – (500g octopus) €16.00
Octopus in garlic, tomatoes, capers & white wine.


Torti – Pies

Round 22cm Diameter by – 4.5cm height – Ideal for 4 persons

Torta tal-Laham (800g beef chunks) €18.00
Pie with beef chunks, potatoes, carrots & peas.

Torta ta Irkotta (900g irkotta) €14.00
Pie with ricotta cheese, eggs, peas & parsley & parmesan cheese.

Torta ta Tonn (500g tonn) €15.00
Pie with local tuna, spinach, anchovies, capers & potatoes

Torta ta Tigieg (700g tigieg) €14.00
Pie with chicken breast & mushrooms


Pasta and Grains

Pasta and Grains                                                   Starter                       Main Course
Spaghetti with rabbit sauce                      €7.50                         €9.50
Penne tossed in pan seared rabbit liver & red wine jus

Ghagin bit-tigieg (150g chicken breast)   €8.00                         €10.00
Penne with grilled chicken breast, mushrooms & cream

Ravjul ta Irkotta (homemade ravioli) (V)     €8.00                        €10.00
Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and tossed in a basil and tomato salsa

Ghagin bis-salamun                                         €11.00                       €13.00
Penne with fresh salmon, shrimps, garlic, chopped tomatoes, flamed with
Vodka & finished with fresh cream & parmesan cheese



Tray 29cm by 24cm – Ideal for Four Portions

Mqarrun il-forn €18.00
Baked rigatoni with ragu sauce, grated cheese, eggs, bacon & tomato sauce

Kannelloni mimlija bl-irkotta u spinaci €23.00
Cannelloni with ricotta & spinach, tomato sauce & white cream

Lasagna Bolognaise €22.00
Layers of pasta with bolognaise & white sauce

Lasagna tal-Fenek €24.00
Layers of pasta with boneless rabbit sauce & white sauce


Laham, Tjur u Hut – Meat, Poultry & Fish

Fenek shieh Moqli jew Stuffat – Serves 3 persons  €28.00
Whole rabbit cooked traditionally in garlic, marrowfat peas & white wine

Whole rabbit stew cooked slowly with potatoes, carrots, peas & tomato sauce

Fenek Moqli jew Stuffat – Serves 1 person  €14.00
Portion rabbit cooked traditionally in garlic or stew as above and accompanied with
rabbit liver

Pulpetti ta Angus (200g burger)  €10.00
A grilled Angus burger in a Maltese round ftira with cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon,
caramelized onion & beef tomato chutney, accompanied with fries

Stuffat ta Canga (250g beef per portion)  €13.00
Beef stew with potatoes, carrots, & tomato sauce

Qarabaghli Mimli (V)  €8.00
Stuffed marrows with stir fried rice & chopped vegetables

Sidra ta Tigieg €12.50
Chicken breast flamed with brandy, mushrooms & finished with fresh cream

Stuffat tal-Laham taz-Ziemel €14.00
Horse meat stew

Xikel tal-Haruf (400g)                                                                              €18.00
Hind lamb shanks braised in a rosemary jus, finished with carrots & peas

Salamun il-forn (350g)                                                                             €18.00
Baked fresh Norwegian salmon

Stuffat tal-Qarnit -(500g octopus)                                                           €19.00
Octopus stew with potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, basil & mint.
Accompanied by baked potatoes & vegetables


                                                                                                                           One Portion        Four Portions

Koxox tat-Tigieg (300g chicken per portion)                                            €10.00              €36.00
Braised boneless chicken legs with tomato sauce, bell peppers & mushrooms

Majjal il-Forn (300g pork per portion)                                                          €12.00              €44.00
Roasted local leg of pork with gravy.

Bragioli (2 large beef olives per portion)                                                     €14.00              €52.00
Beef olives stuffed with minced beef, minced pork, peppered goat cheese, parsley, peas,
boiled eggs & tomato sauce

Grilled Tuna Steaks (350g tuna per portion)                                                  €14.00            €52.00
Marinated local tuna steaks accompanied by a tomato & caper sauce

All Main courses are served with baked potatoes or steak house Fries & vegetables.


Kid’s Menu

Chicken nuggets with French fries €5.00

Pizza – Tomato sauce, mozzarella & cocktail sausages €5.00


Maltese Traditional Pizza

Tan-Nannu €8.75
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions, pork, goat cheese, potatoes & drizzled with honey

Tar-Razzett €8.75
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bean pate, peppered goat cheese, potatoes and Maltese
Il-Midrah – (A spade used to sieve the hay) (V) €6.50
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and oregano

Il-Qolla- (Wicker basket) (V / Vegan) €8.25
Tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions & fresh chopped tomatoes

Ix-Xehda – (Bee Hive) €8.75
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken snippets, onions, blue cheese, honey & sesame

Is-Sinjura €8.75
Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Ham, mushrooms, eggs, olives & Artichokes

Tal-Fenek €10.00
Tomato sauce, mozzarella & boneless rabbit pieces

Extra Toppings €1.00


Dessert & Gateaux

6 pieces mini Date tarts €4.00

Kannoli ta Irkotta (4 mini kannoli) €4.00
Four mini stuffed kannoli with sweet rikotta & candid peel

Slice of cake €3.50
Choice of Cassatella Siciliana, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake & Maltese Trifle

4 pieces mini Date tarts & 4 mini kannoli €7.00
Four mini date tarts & four mini stuffed kannoli with sweet rikotta & candid peel

Pudina tal-Hobz – Square tray 29cm by 18cm €8.00
Homemade bread pudding with Maltese bread, cocoa powder, candid peel
Glazed cherries, sultanas, condensed milk, cinnamon, brown sugar & anisette.

Round 11inch gateaux (12 large portions) €27.00
Choice of Cassatella Siciliana, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake, Nutella cake & Maltese Trifle


Terms and Conditions

Pickup by Client

10% discount on bill when food is collected by client


Free deliveries for orders of €20.00 and over for the following areas. Hal Qormi, Sta
Venera, Mriehel, Swatar, B’Kara, Iklin, Naxxar, Mosta, Attard, Hal Lija, Hal Balzan,
Marsa, Hamrun, Msida, Gzira, Sliema, Swieqi, Pembroke & St. Julian’s. All other areas
a delivery charge of €3.00 will apply.

Deliveries to Mellieha, Marsascala & Marsaxlokk €7.00 delivery charge.

A delivery charge of €3.00 per delivery for orders of less than €20.00 for all areas.

We offer takeaway & deliveries on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
evening and Sunday lunch.

Should you be interested in take away and delivery on any other days
and times kindly contact Razzett Antik restaurant on 21470221 or