Traditional Maltese Menús prepared especially for you!
Monday/Friday Night Menú*

Fresh Vegetable Soup or Penne with Maltese sausages, garden peas
& a chopped tomato cream sauce
Accompanied by a selection of bread from the baker’s village

Main Course
Succulent Leg of Pork
Marinated Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Cayenne Pepper
Fish with Caper Sauce
(Stuffed Aubergine (V) available on request during booking)
Main dishes are served with traditional roasted potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables

A Platter of Dates, Fried Pastry and Bread Pudding

Beverage Package
Flowing House wine & soft drinks and water are included during the meal

Wednesday Night Menú*
Maltese Night Special Buffet
C (celery), Gl (gluten), Cr (crustaceans), E (eggs), F (fish), M (molluscs) L (lactose), N (nuts),
Mu (mustard), P (peanuts), SS (sesame seeds) S (soya), SD (sulphur dioxide) G (garlic)

Bean pate with crushed garlic and drizzled with olive oil (V) G/Gl
Balbuljata (traditional Maltese scrambled eggs with onions & tomatoes) (V) E/G
Sundried tomatoes / Goat cheese (V) L
Ftira with tomato paste & giardiniera Gl
Stuffed olives (V) F/Gl/G
Maltese Sausage G
Traditional Maltese pizza (ftira), with roasted potatoes, onions, breadcrumbs & goat cheese (V) Gl/L/G
Deep fried ricotta ravioli Gl/ E/ L / fried rabbit liver SD/G
Fried vermicelli in egg & cheese (V) Gl/E/L
Snails with aioli SD/G
Accompanied by water biscuits and Maltese bread

Main Course
Succulent leg of pork – Mu/G
Lamb stew with curry rice – C/Mu/SD/G
Rabbit flamed in garlic – SD/G
Marinated roasted chicken with rosemary & cayenne pepper – SD/G
Stuffed marrows with rice, vegetables & cheese (V) Gl/E/L
Poached fish in caper sauce F/SD/G
Accompanied by traditional roasted potatoes & a selection of seasonal vegetables (V)

Platter of Nougat – E/N/P, Dates – Gl/E, Fried Pastry – Gl/E/L,
Cannolli filled with sweet ricotta – Gl/L/N,  Bread Pudding – E/SD/N/L/E/Gl
and Coffee

Beverage Package
Flowing House wine & soft drinks and water are included during the meal

*Menús Subject to change without notice.

Other drinks, (eg beer, liqueurs etc) not included in the packages, available at extra costs as consumed.
Vegetarian/Dietary options available, please inquire upon booking.

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