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 leg of pork

patience, passion, and slow roasting makes one warm hearty meal

Platters & Salads

Platt Frisk Imhawwar - Platter of Local Flavours
Fresh tomatoes and peppered goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, marinated olives and fresh green leaf salad, butter beans, sundried tomatoes and gardiniera.


Platt Pikkanti u Ecitanti - Chilly lover dips
Bigilla u galletti – tic bean pate and baked crackers, roasted artichoke hearts with paprika and fresh rosemary complimented with a trio of dips – chickpea, crushed chilli, and spicy aioli.


Platt Imlahham - Wine Platter
Parma ham, salami, Grana Padano, Peppato & Blue cheese accompanied with flavored galletti & a crispy salad.

Platt Malti - Maltese gourmand collection (Served hot)
Maltese sausage, curried tripe, snails with aioli and rabbit liver.

All the above serve two people

Soppa Friska - Soup of the Day                                                                            

Chicken Caesar Salad
Chicken breast on a bed of crispy lettuce spiced with bacon, croutons and Parmesan shavings.

Mediterranean Salad
Mixed leaves, tossed with roasted Mediterranean vegetables & topped with warm melted mozzarella in crispy breading.

Underwater Mix
Calamari rings, smoked salmon, octopus and garlic lemon battered prawns with herb mayo on the side.


Pasta and Grains                                                     

Spaghetti tal-Fenek - Spaghetti with rabbit sauce
Spaghetti tossed with rabbit, garden peas, garlic and tomato.

Friefet tas-Salamun - Farfalle al Salmone
Farfalle with salmon and cream sauce.

Ravjul - Homemade Ravioli (V)
Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and sun dried tomato tossed in a basil and tomato salsa.

Spaghetti Qarnit - Spaghetti with Octopus
Spaghetti with Octopus, olives, capers, garlic and smashed tomato sauce.

Tal-Gobon - Penne with Blue cheese (V)
Penne with cream, blue cheese, chopped onions, grated cheese, flamed in brandy and topped with nuts.

Ross bil-Kari u Majjal - Pork Madras Curry Rice
Curry rice with strips of juicy pork and vegetables with dried dates, dried figs, sultanas and apples.


Main Courses

Fenek Moqli - Fried Rabbit
Flamed rabbit in brandy, with garlic & fresh parsley.

Stuffat tal-Fenek - Rabbit Stew
Traditional Maltese rabbit stew.

Koxxa Majjal - Leg of Pork
Roasted local leg of pork with a dried prune & port wine jus.

Haruf - Lamb
Braised lamb shanks in a red wine & tomato minted jus.

Brungiel Mimli - Stuffed Aubergine (V)
Aubergine stuffed with rice and vegetables.

Flet tac-canga - Fillet of Beef
Cooked to your liking with either peppered or mushroom sauce.

Canga - Marinated Rib-Eye Steak
Cooked to your liking with either peppered or mushroom sauce.

Sidra tat-tigieg - Chicken Breast
Enhanced with a blue cheese and brandy cream sauce.

Bragjoli tal-Vitella - Veal Beef Olives
Stuffed with minced bacon, goat cheese & rosemary farci, finished in a port wine jus.

Salamun - Salmon
Served with a dill cream sauce.

Cerna - Grouper
Braised in a herb court-boullion and served with it’s own juices and a hint of lemon.

All Main courses are served with Maltese Baked Potatoes or Steak House Fries and vegetables.

Kavallieri z-Zghar - Kid's Menu
Chicken Nuggets or Scampi with French fries and crispy salad .

French Fries



Imqaret u Xkunvat bil-Gulepp tal-Harrub
Date tarts and fried pastry with carob syrup.

Plattina Helu - Qubbajt, Helwa tat-Tork u Pudina tal-Hobz
Traditional platter of nougat, Turkish hlava and bread pudding.

2 Scoops of ice cream - Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

Slice of Cake - (Selection of the day)

Chocolate Delice
An intensely rich chocolate experience.

Gelat Malti - Maltese Traditional Ice Cream
Traditional Maltese ice-cream with dry fruits, cherries, anisette, walnut and chocolate with layered sponge cake.

Tuffiegh bil-Helwa tat-Tork - Apple Crumble
A sweet inspiration of tradition consisting of baked apples and hlava in amaretto served with a curl of ice cream.

Pizza - Served on Friday and Saturday

Tomato sauce, onions, pork, plain goat cheese, potatoes drizzled with honey.

Tomato sauce, bean pate, peppered goat cheese, potatoes and Maltese sausage.

Il-Parit - (Fishing equipment)
Tomato sauce, tuna, prawns, mussels and mint.


Il-Midrah - (A spade used to sieve the hay)
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and oregano.


Il-Qolla - (Wicker basket)
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, colored peppers onions and fresh tomato slices.


Ix-Xehda - (Bee Hive) - Also served closed - Pizzoto
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken snippets, onions, blue cheese, honey and sesame seeds.


Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Ham, mushrooms, eggs, olives & Artichokes.



Extra Toppings.


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